Clear Advantage Profit Solutions provides a full range of services and programs to help Veterinary and Dental practices grow and expand.  We are so confident with our service and programs that we guarantee our results and return on investment.  Take a look at some of our specialty areas…


Practice Management

We help good practices become great (and highly profitable) practices using our proven practice management strategies and solutions.

Treatment Acceptance

Treatment Acceptance Strategies

Do you want to ensure your patients and clients actually purchase what you recommend?  We can make help treatment acceptance easy and repeatable using our proven strategies.

Hiring the right staff

Staffing and Hiring Strategies

Having the right staff in the right jobs can make all the difference between a highly successful practice and a struggling practice.  We have helped many practices address their staffing and hiring challenges permanently.


Marketing and Sales

The number one request we receive from Veterinary and Dental practices is getting more patients and clients in the door.  We are experts in all aspects of practice sales, marketing and getting more clients and patients in the door.

Internet Marketing

Internet and Mobile Marketing

Did you know that the largest and fastest growing practices use the Internet and mobile marketing as their primary means of growing their business?  The good news is that we are expert in implementing simple and affordable Internet and mobile marketing strategies for your practice that get big results!


Profit Strategies

Are you looking to increase profits while at the same time growing your practice and providing great service?  We can definitely help!  Our profit maximizer strategies will ensure your practice is maximizing results and profits.

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