See what our veterinarian clients have to say about the Clear Advantage Program.

Kevin Adney talks about using the Clear Advantage program!

Dr. Caputo, DVM speaks about her success.

  • Spectacular week for me, record production month this month.  A number of challenging cases; owners are going for my entire treatment plan.  This is the sort of sense of empowerment I got from the training and is really changing the way I present treatment plans.  

    Terry Silkman, DVM
  • Working with ClearAdvantage has helped our clinic improve our management protocols and overall efficiency, and grow our bottom line as well. The program was designed to meet our specific needs and goals, and gave the entire team a very clear and systematic approach to the functioning of the clinic. Although implementation of the program and tracking of individual weekly statistics were challenging at first, they provided us with a source of invaluable information and gave us the tools to act on that information. We’ve seen our new client numbers steadily increase and our revenues also continue to grow. Having access to a practice consultant when needed has also helped us deal effectively with unexpected challenges as they arise.I appreciate that the program evolves as the clinic grows and takes advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. There is still lots of work to be done, but with the management system in place, we feel much more capable of attaining our goals.  

    Dr. C., John Street Animal Hospital
  • By implementing [Nancy’s detailed time line] plan and subsequent advice, we have completely turned our office situation around and sharpened our management skills. I would recommend Ms. Glass as a consultant and CAPS for any business.  

    T.B., DVM
  • Our consultant has been very thorough and thought-provoking. She’s helping us look at our business and what we’re doing from a different perspective. I was looking for this; I wanted someone to show me what to watch for in the business. CAPS has shown me how to go from being reactive to being active; steering and not just responding. I’ve been very pleased in that respect.  

    A. S., DVM
  • This program brought to the surface all of the disorganization and lack of communication in the company. It introduced technology to the entire staff which allows them to become more organized, communicate more efficiently and feel more satisfied with their jobs. With the CAPS program, it provided motivation for the staff and required a commitment to succeed from every staff member. I now see certain staff members in a very different light and feel more a part of the team.  

    F.R, Owner
  • I believe that our staff now better understands how to work as a team to achieve our common goals. I believe they also understand that our goals are just that – common. I believe they understand how to get where we are going…we don’t all steer the ship, but we’re all in the same boat. Thank you CAPS!  

    R. D., DVM
  • Worth gold to me. The CAPS program … was outstanding, way beyond my expectations in usefulness. I consider this in-house training program a once-in-a-lifetime chance for myself and my staff to learn valuable tools … which had information not found anywhere else that I’ve ever seen. I am so glad we decided to finally get some ‘professional advice’.  

    W. P., DVM
  • My staff became more competent at what they did, therefore their confidence was evident to the clients. Our clients knew we knew what we were doing, and knew we wanted what was best for their pet. It became much more fun working together, and there was less stress since we were more organized. Our clients referred other clients in because they enjoyed coming in, and they were very satisfied with our service and the results we got with their pets. I wouldn’t want to ever go back to the way it was before!  

    C. C., DVM
  • Between making hiring decisions and management decisions, it’s nice to have a partner [my consultant] to bounce those ideas off of – I have more certainty on those decisions. When you’re a sole proprietor, you don’t have a team to necessarily brainstorm with, so it’s nice to have the ability to have someone else to evaluate the ideas as opposed to trial and error.  

    C. G., DVM
  • As a result of this course I now know and understand the ”tools” taught in this course and how to use them. My productivity has gone up greatly and I now have the confidence to know that I can do my position. When I go to work everyday I look forward to going there. I can’t thank my boss enough for allowing me the chance to take this course.  

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