See what our dentist clients have to say about the Clear Advantage Program.

  • This program brought to the surface all of the disorganization and lack of communication in the company. It introduced technology to the entire staff which allows them to become more organized, communicate more efficiently and feel more satisfied with their jobs. With the CAPS program, it provided motivation for the staff and required a commitment to succeed from every staff member. I now see certain staff members in a very different light and feel more a part of the team.  

    F.R, Owner
  • I am so excited about how the staff responded and their enthusiasm. I could go on and on about the CAPS program….My outlook on life in general has changed. The program speaks for itself.  Thank you so much!”  

    D.D.S. , PA
  • Thank you David for my practice analysis. It gave me new insight on areas of the practice I had overlooked while being on automatic, such as reinforcing my patient newsletter and expanding my office’s web presence. CAPS helped me to see that I had completely overlooked the web since putting up a website almost 10 yrs ago. Putting my attention on these things makes me more in control of it. And that is great!  

    B. G., DDS., West Palm Beach, FL
  • The Practice Analysis that CAPS performed made me confront the business aspect of my practice. I was able to divide the activities of the practice in sections and improve my control and understanding. The results were quick and numerous from increased production to getting more organized, working less and making more money. I also realized that my staff needed more training which I did and everybody got along better. My finances are under control now and with increased production there is even some money left over. I would recommend the Practice Analysis to any dentist old or new. Have fun, learn and make your practice better for you and your patients.

    B. C., DDS., Easton, PA
  • I have been using these practice management methods in my dental office for a number of years now and find it to be an invaluable tool to operate from.  Thanks to CAPS, whenever I have a problem, I just look for what principle applies to the situation and in short time it is resolved and I am back on track. It allows me to have control of my business.”  

    D.M.D. , Wilmington, DE
  • I have used this administrative technology in my dental practice for well over 10 years. It has been directly responsible for establishing greater organization, reducing work-related stress and substantially increasing my personal revenues.  Thanks to CAPS, The results of application were virtually immediate. Not least important for me is that this is a system firmly based in ethics. Certainly one of the best decisions I have made in business – if not in life!”  

    D.M.D. , Philadelphia, PA
  • Production has gone up and has become much more consistent than before, despite the lousy economy, Thank you CAPS!  

    J. M., DMD, AR
  • I see the growth that I have made as an Executive. Thanks to CAPS, I got my crash course. I have a stable staff and very productive hygienists. We are gearing up to take hygiene to another level.  

    N. S., DMD., Washington, DC
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